About us

TV star product group is the portfolio of the end user Set Top Box solutions for Digital Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable TV applications, including the latest High and Standard definition Television technology based on H.264 AVC (MPEG-4) transmission standards.  


It is the result of successfull cooperation between Lithuanian Company Mikrovisatos Servisas Ltd. and Hong Kong based Advanced Level Technologies Co., Ltd.


The basis of such cooperation is the best knowledge of European Free to Air, PAY TV and CATV  market demands and the choice of the reliable and cost effective quality manufacturing resources from China.



As the result come the new opportunities for the end users, including not only basic functions of the Digital HD and SD signal reception, but also additional features of TV program Recording (PVR)  and various Media Playback which are included as standard in the new generation of Set Top Box products.




TV Star product line-up is not limited only for Free to Air TV program reception, but also includes PAY TV solutions based on Conax CA system and customized according to the Operator requirements.




Product integration, end user solutions


TV Star team is ready to discuss and perform the end user product customisation according to the specific requirements from the distributor or the Operator, related with local network or market.


This integration can be not limited to product technical features, but also include Conditional Access,  certain market certification, approvals, performance testing, language customisation and branding.


Enquiries for OEM solutions are welcome.