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Cables, connectors


FMM connection

F socket - TV plug

F socket - TV slot

DiSEqC 1x4 relay (four converter commutation) with protective insert

DiSEqC 1x8 relay OUT OPTICUM (eight converter commutation)

1x10 relay DiSEqC IN OPTICUM (ten converter commutation) with protective insert

Cable SCART-SCART (19 pin) 1.5m

Cable SCART-SCART (19 pin) 1.5m BLISTER

SCART- universal cable (SCART + -3RCA (tulips) Video / Audio Stereo) OUT 1,2m

Cable SCART- 6RCA (tulips) Stereo in-out 1.5m

Cable SCART- 4RCA (tulips) in Mono-out 1.5m

SCART cable - 3RCA (tulips) Stereo out 1.5m

SCART cable - 2RCA (tulips) Mono out 1.5m

Cable 4RCA - 4RCA Mono in-out 1.5m

Cable 2RCA - 2RCA 1.5m Mono out

HDMI cable -HDMI 1.5m

HDMI cable 3,0m -HDMI Golden Interstar

HDMI cable -HDMI 10,0m Golden Interstar

Divisor 1-3 TV-SAT spend voltage

Divisor 1-4 TV-SAT spend voltage

Combinator TV + SAT (combines local TV and satellite TV signal)

Rear socket 2900 TV + FM back

Rear socket 2910 TV + FM transient -10 dB

Rear socket 4100 SAT + TV + FM back

Rear socket 4110 SAT + TV + FM transient -10dB

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